A simple tool to track fuel and equipment:

  • Inspections
  • Non-Conformance
  • PM Services
  • Equipment Accountability
  • Consumables

Replace your spreadsheets…

With web rapid-entry forms that look and work like spreadsheets. Quickly enter equipment hours, locations and notes to feed reports and Scoreboards. Easily monitor equipment utilization, availability and PM services.

With or without technology…

  • Use EQUIPCHAT with manual data entry or wireless technology
  • Radio hour meters
  • Cellular hour meters
  • Fuel data capture
  • Keypad inspections

Data management by notification using email, Scoreboards and reports

  • Identify problems using email alerts and Scoreboards. Quickly report on activities and problems such as equipment availability, low utilization, fuel accountability, PM services, excessive idling, and inspection reporting. Email reports and “exception alerts” give you control from your inbox.
  • Scoreboards effortlessly show problems in the key performance measures. Drill down to reports or rapid-entry forms to investigate and fix the root causes.
  • Reports are easily modified and exported to Excel for analysis.

Management is assured by Scorecard emails

Notify and motivate your team through weekly Scorecard emails. Show them what they are doing well and what they need to improve.


Frustrated with trying to track equipment location, fuel use and service needs? Concerned about time and money spent obtaining and reviewing data?

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