Mobile Equipchat: Toward Comprehensive Mobile Fleet Management


The Mobile Equipchat app allows fleet managers to submit and receive a variety of the data in and out of the field. Through the application, users are able to track, record and explore a wide array of relevant data (such as equipment hours, fuel idling, miles, location, and more) anywhere they choose, through their phones or tablets.

OEM Data Delivery, first through the original cloud-based Equipchat, and now also through the latest Mobile Equipchat application as well, aims to make common paper forms readily available, readable and usable to fleet workers. OEM Data Delivery’s software makes the transition from spreadsheet to mobile device easy and beneficial. OEM Data Delivery now has several data management plans available for customers as well as an advanced and user-friendly interface. Users have convenient options to submit, read and manage their data to optimize equipment, staff and bottom lines.